This patient presented with a long history of chronic aches and pains in her back ankles and feet, going back several decades.

An assessment there were extensive musclo-skeletal misalignments: pelvic tilt, knock kneed, hyper extension of the knees, hyper mobile ankles, hyper mobile spring ligaments, bunions and a collapsing left foot at the midtarsal joints due tibialis posterior dysfunction.

This lady has been highly focused and motivated. As a direct result of this self discipline, she now has comfortable feet legs and back. She managed to achieve this change over a few months, and in the process she has cleared the bunion on her right foot and is well on her way to stabilising the correction. On her left, she now has a medial longitudinal arch and is able to move her big toe for the first time in decades and as a consequence it will not be long before the other bunion is resolved.These changes have all been achieved without surgery.

This has been possible because she has worked extremely hard at developing her self awareness of how her body is moving.

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