This four-year old was referred to me by his osteopaedic surgeon. He was constantly falling and tripping over when out walking. He had an excessive misalignment particularly around the pelvis, resulting in a leg length discrepancy and externaly rotated hips. These changes were the primary causes of extremely tight calf muscles and supinated gait pattern, which culminated in his body weight passing along the very outside edge of his feet and causing him to go over on the side of his foot which would be typically followed by a trip or a fall.

As he was only four at the time, his body was changing at a rapid rate and therefore great care had to be exercised in acheiving a gradual realignment of the musculo-skeletal structures. The key to achieving a permanent resolution of this condition was to control the alignment of the main joints between hip and foot so that the connective tissue change and ensuring growth spurts stayed within normal limits.

I now see this patient once or twice a year to ensure that his body stays in balance whilst he is still growing. This enables him to pursue an active sporting life and the life he wants to lead.

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