Understanding how the changes work is extremely important so, asking questions when there is the slightest doubt as to what is being explained is essential. Be relaxed and enjoying the whole experience of changing and controlling the way our bodies move is also important.

The focus is working with our own bodies which is something a lot of people do not do and for many being nervous when doing something new for the first time is quite normal. Therefore rest assured that any changes made will be at the rate an individual can cope with easily.

Understanding the points being discussed is crucial to achieving a quick resolution of the of the presenting condition. A Chinese proverb sums up what is required very neatly; I hear and forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.

What happens at a consultation?
Apart from the first consultation when everything is explained in broad generalised terms, each consultation consists of three parts.

First - to check what has happened since the previous treatment and then to assess the legs and feet.

Second - assess the changes in the orthotics and make appropriate changes.

Third - modify posture and adjust gait pattern (change the way a patient walks).

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