The emphasis is on having fun, the consultation is done on an informal basis.

We find out what has happened since the last treatment which includes how you have got on with your orthotic and if there has been any improvement or problems.

We assess the lower limbs for joint mobility, stability and structural alignment. Changes to the ortotic are assessed with everything is fully discussed with you.

What happens next is fully explained along with any necessary exercises after which any re-alignment of bones or joints takes place and the orthotic is modified as required, and fitted into your shoe.

Once the orthotic has been fitted it is assessed for comfort as well its effect on standing and movement; gait and posture is then looked at in some detail and if necessary further adjustments are made.

Priorities for treatment is set, and the time for the next appointment. Advice can always be sought by phone if required.

For more information, If in doubt, please call today.