Step in Time aims to resolve the root cause of everyday aches and pains by guiding an individual through the maze of tiny adjustments necessary to gain mastery over how the human body moves.

Step in time acknowledges that the individual is the most important person not the clinician.

All treatments focus on team work. It is about a meeting of minds and then the individual accepting and taking responsibility for their body.

Change is constant. The mind, brain and body are in constant flux. Everything revolves around the interplay of these three. When they are in balance an individual is comfortable. When out of balance, there is pain because something is wrong.

Step in Time highlights and addresses the causes of everyday aches and pains. Often it is due to poor posture arising from bad habits and a lack of awareness of how the body moves.

The brain controls everything within the body. The challenge is to get an individual to recognise and work with the interplay of the mind and the brain, to bring and then maintain the body in a state of equilibrium. Step in Time gives the support and guidance, so an individual stay’s comfortable in this transitionary process.

Step in Time stabilises how the lower body moves and the individual controls the alignment of the upper body. When all the key joints of the body fall within normal limits there is comfort.

Step in Time aims is to clear the causes of pain with the least number of treatments, over the shortest period and in such way that the problem does not return. Therefore, there is a better quality of life.

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