Kevin Bromley

I was a mature student when I started to study Podiatry over 30 years ago. At that time there was no Degree courses. I was awarded a Diploma in Podiatric Medicine. A few years later I did further study and gained a Degree in Podiatry.

My interest in biomechanics stems from my engineering background. I am fascinated by how the brain controls movement and the variations that arise from the uniqueness of everyone. So, there can be the same painful condition, yet the causative factors are invariably different. I enjoy the challenges of working out what the causes are, and implementing the changes which not only clears the pain but prevent re-occurrence.

Those moments when an individual gains control over how their body moves, when a painful condition that has plagued them for years is resolved, is priceless and enjoyable with smiles all round.

Everything revolves around teamwork. Invariably it is a meeting of minds and guiding an individual through a maze of small postural adjustments which enables them to habitually maintain good poise and deportment. Niggling aches and pains are cleared and when something does happen leading to discomfort, there is an understanding by the patient of what has occurred, enabling them to correct the problem so balanced is restored.

Nicholas Bromley

Having grown up with my father, Kevin Bromley, being so involved with podiatry, it was natural I should develop an interest in the specialism that is Podiatry.

After going through A-Levels and getting a Diploma from college, I studied podiatry at the University of Southampton. During my time there I spent several months each year, practising within different NHS Trusts, from Portsmouth to Sheffield. This gave me a much wider understanding of how different organisations work and highlighted the most fundamental aspects to my work; Patients needs come first.

Since graduating, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Podiatry, I have developed a keen interest in the biomechanical aspects of the profession. I thoroughly enjoy working with people and helping them live a pain free life, and I look forward to helping you too.

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