Most people when asked how many senses we have will say 5; hearing, seeing, taste, smell, & touch. In fact there are generally accepted to be an additional 4:

Equilibrioception: our sense of balance via our inner ear.

Nociception: our ability to experience pain.

Thermoception: our ability to sense heat and cold.

Proprioception: awareness of our body without seeing or feeling. A simple test to demonstrate this is to close your eyes and touch your nose.

Change is a constant in our world.
The variant is the rate of change. This biomechanical approach embraces change. It manages it to progressively clear the various compensations we create through our routines and habits so returning to a balanced way of moving and the associated state of comfort i.e. no pain.

The key is working with our brain as it simultaneously integrates the demands of our mind and our body as we move. This is very much an awareness process not a thinking process.

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